Lipstick is For Lovers

Columbian artist Lola has a knack for painting over sordid polaroid photographs, leaving everything and nothing to the imagination all at once

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Miley Cyrus for V magazine

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Morinj, Montenegro

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So by now many of you about the time I spent with the ELOQUII team in NYC. While I was there I was able to preview their pre-fall collection “Green Envy”. I spent 1/2 the day as myself - “The Blogger”, and the other half as a “Stylist”.

ELOQUII Creative Director, Jodi gave me the task of us of using pieces from the Green Envy Collection to create 3 sets of looks to take a girl from 85 degree weather to 55 degree weather.   

I’m so used to styling myself. It’s a whole other task to style someone else. Luckily, I had another set of eyes on set, my new friend – Stylist, Ashley Falcon. Not to mention the model was kinda hot ;) – Ms. Bree Warren.

We had a blast hitting the streets of NYC. Hope you like how I styled the looks.



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‘Empty buckets’ in Henan say no to Ice Bucket Challenge

Dozens of people in the drought-hit Henan Province are protesting against the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has become a global viral trend

Armed with empty buckets, bowls and other containers, the protesters stood outside the Spring Temple Buddha in Lushan County on Friday.

The Chinese characters on their clothes read: “Henan, please say no to the Ice Bucket Challenge.”

The province is experiencing its worst drought since 1951. Nearly 19 million people have been affected by the drought.

With that in mind, protesters are calling for water to be saved and other sensible means to be used to help patients of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

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everything you love is here

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Vixen | by: { Megan Lorenz }

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